Elevate your immune system

Be Resilient

When your body is not ready to handle a battle by itself, or you need to prepare for an oncoming assault- use this crafted cocktail to strengthen your immune system. This mix of electrolytes hydrates, while Vitamin C boosts your antioxidant levels and lessens the duration of the common cold; Glutathione grabs the inflammatory particles and detoxifies, while Zinc has been shown to support your immune system and will help you beat the battle attacking your body, or prepare you for the oncoming viral season. This combination also is ideal to help the healing process from surgery, supporting the biosynthesis of collagen which plays a vital role in wound healing. We recommend one therapy before your surgery, and a minimum of two after.

  • Suggested Treatment

  • Amplify

    • Mega Glutathione Dose

This crafted therapy is priced at $199. All amplifications are $25 each.